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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your PC's, servers, networks and devices ensures that issues affecting your productivity are resolved before they affect your productivity.Our staff is available round the clock.
Device Security

Device Security

Prevent downtime and increase productivity by proactive security of your network, servers and computers from malicious viruses, malware, and ransomeware. Information Security is key to running an efficient business in todays highly virulent environment.
Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Natural Disasters mean downtime which means loss of productivity and REVENUE. We specialize in setting up processes to mitigate and minimize the impact of downtime, thereby improving recovery speed.
Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Consolidate and save while improving your infrastructure. Cloud streamlines business continuity while lowering overall costs and complexities for existing traditional networks. Contact us to see how Cloud enabled services can lower your overall costs.


Get reliable and HD quality voice calls without the expense of a PBX.  Save money, effort and staff time for what matters.  Our solutions include backup continuity services, remote extension calling and online portal support.

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  • All inclusive pricing so that you can concentrate on what matters. Reign in out of control technical cost and start building your business.

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  • 24 hour knowledgeable and reliable technical support you can count on, when you need it. Don't waste time hunting for an answer, call us.


  • Concentrate on building and growing your business. Let us, take away the hassle and stress of maintaining your computers, servers, and networks.


  • Stop the guesswork, 18+ years of experience is a call away. Let AMGENTECH provide you with a no obligation assessment today.

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Natural disasters are a fact of life for all South Florida businesses.  Recovering from a hurricane is paramount to an ongoing business. We provide best of breed business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

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