Amgentech, Inc. has been providing IT services and solutions since 2001. Over 18 years, 100's of computer installations, wide and local area network installations, firewall installations, server and system migrations, cloud installations and migrations, software development projects, websites, automation applications and project management under our belt. Hire us with confidence.


Our services are aimed towards companies that need to reign in out of control IT costs associated with brake-fix repairs, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance and technical support. Our value is made apparent with increased productivity and the stop of loss of revenue due to system and network outages.


Technical support when you need it. Amgentech becomes your partner when contracted and our success is contingent on your success. Calls are returned within 30 minutes and most problems are resolved within an hour. All support is provided by US based personnel, based in Florida.


Predictable costs means predictable expenses. All labor is covered in our flat, per device fee. No surprises. Our service model is one of the best business decisions you'll make. Always get excellent service and timely solutions.  Call us for an assessment today.


All contracts are tailored around your needs and are drafted to ensure a successful implementation of the processes necessary to ensure minimal downtime. Our service level agreements are tailored to provide and exceed 100% of your business's requirements.  

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zero on-boarding fees - transparent pricing 


How are managed service contracts priced?


Quotes are based on the number of devices. All labor included, no matter the emergency.


Are there any upfront fees?


There are no upfront fees. Amgentech absorbs all of the upfront costs in onboarding your equipment. We succeed if you suceed.


Are all labor costs included?


All labor associated with the maintenance and upgrades (software/hardware) of the device are included.


Are there any price fluctuations?


Contract price remains the same while the number of devices managed does not change. New devices are added to the contract at a predefined price so that there are no surprises.

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