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Amgentech provides managed IT services, Business Continuity and Disaster prepardness and recovery services. Consolidate and streamline your IT infrastructure with VoIP and Cloud services. Proactive maintenance plan to ensure high availability of your IT infrastructure and Office Networks. High availability and proactive maintenance ensures maximum efficiency and increased productivity by mitigating expensive down time.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Prevent loss of revenue and clients by ensuring availability of your services.  Business Continuity is 100% about disaster prepardness.  We provided the processes and mitigation events necessary to ensure a proper business continuity plan.  Let us show you how combining VoIP, Cloud technologies, and processes will enable your business to survive mother nature.

Managed IT Services

Proactive monitoring and on-call support.  Our Manage IT Services combine remote monitoring, proactive maintenance and a help desk to ensure utmost productivy by mitigating downtime in your enterprice.

IT Security

Ensure productivity by preventive malware, viruses and phishing attempts.  End user education, on-call helpdesk and proactive firewall maintenance and per device anti virus daily updates helps to ensure data integrity and loss of money and productivity.

Voice over IP

Get reliable and HD quality voice calls without the expense of a PBX. Save money, effort and staff time for what matters. Our solutions include backup continuity services, remote extension calling and online portal support. We can create a hybrid system with your existing PBX to maximize savings without the added expense of new equipment. Let us show you how we can save you money.

Cloud Services

Consolidate and save while improving your infrastructure. Cloud streamlines business continuity while lowering overall costs and complexities for existing traditional networks. Contact us to see how Cloud enabled services can lower your overall costs. Your company can realize substantial savings and improve disaster preparedness by moving key systems to the cloud. Let us show you how you can realize the market improvements cloud services can provide you business.

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zero on-boarding fees - transparent pricing 


How are managed service contracts priced?


Quotes are based on the number of devices. All labor included, no matter the emergency.


Are there any upfront fees?


There are no upfront fees. Amgentech absorbs all of the upfront costs in onboarding your equipment. We succeed if you suceed.


Are all labor costs included?


All labor associated with the maintenance and upgrades (software/hardware) of the device are included.


Are there any price fluctuations?


Contract price remains the same while the number of devices managed does not change. New devices are added to the contract at a predefined price so that there are no surprises.

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